Welcome to Heroic Effort!
Ola and welcome to my new website. Here you'll find, hopefully, my thoughts and observations on superhero RPGs and comics, ideas for you your own game, and,
eventually, audio of my games and may-hap some of my art and even a webcomic.
Right now we're a little bare-bones, but give it time.

And a big big fat link to me
Blog! I added the exclamation point because I'm going to start updating more often.
Thanks for visiting!

If you've found your way here, stop by the contacts page and drop me a line. Any ideas or contributions you might have from your own gaming experiences are
UPDATED 09-06-2011, Recordings page (2) And some Links to the fine products we've played with and some folks we know.
New game session up today!
Back from Dragoncon!
Well, I've just returned from Dragoncon where I had a wonderful time. The highlights I'll be posting here soon. I have an audio interview with Aaron Williams, creator/artist of
Nodwick and PS238, two of my favorite comics, as well as an audio recording made from the Champions Online preview and Q and A.  I also have an audio recording made
from a game that I ran and of a demo I played at the White Wolf booth.
I'll do some reviews as well.
The big thing, I feel, is that I've decided to not only put more effort into the site, (One might even say a Heroic one...), But I also intend to start my Podcast. I don't have a
co-host yet but I have decided on the topic, comics, gaming and, in particular Super-Heroes and Super-Heroic gaming in particular.
Though I will have to touch on horror gaming, as it is my second favorite Genre out there.